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VAX/VMS Versions

From: (Thomas H. Hopson)

Well, ask and you might receive.  Here is a table that shows which VMS versions
are supported on which CPUs, along with some explanatory notes which give
additional information regarding supported hardware and VMS releases.

 MICROVAXEN                                MINIMUM VMS VERSION       NOTES
 ----------                                -------------------    ---------
 MicroVAX I/II                                  V4.1M

 MicroVAX 2000                                  V4.5B                  (A)

 MicroVAX 3100                                  V5.2
 MicroVAX 3100 with RX23 support                V5.2-1                 (I)
 MicroVAX 3100 Model 10e/20e                    V5.3                   (H)
 MicroVAX 3100 Model 20                         V5.3                   (J)
 MicroVAX 3100 Model 30/40/80                   V5.5                   (T)
 MicroVAX 3100 Model 90                         V5.5-2HW               (U)

 MicroVAX 3200                                  V4.7A                  (B)
                                                  (latent support in V4.6)

 MicroVAX 3300/3400                             V5.0-2A                (D)

 MicroVAX 3500/3600                             V4.7A                  (B)
                                                  (latent support in V4.6)

 MicroVAX 3800/3900                             V5.1
 MicroVAX 3800/3900 (dual-host support)         V5.1-1
                                                  (latent support in V5.0)

 VAXEN                                     MINIMUM VMS VERSION       NOTES
 -----                                     -------------------    ---------
 VAX-11/750                                     V2.0

 VAX-11/780                                     V1.5

 VAX-11/785                                     V3.4

 VAX 3100 Model 30/40/80                        V5.5                   (T)

 VAX 4000 Model 100    (4000-100)               V5.5-2HW               (U)
 VAX 4000 Model 200    (4000-200)               V5.4-2                 (R)
 VAX 4000 Model 300    (4000-300)               V5.3-2                 (L)
 VAX 4000 Model 400    (4000-400)               V5.5-2HW               (U)
 VAX 4000 Model 500    (4000-500)               V5.5                   (T)
 VAX 4000 Model 600    (4000-600)               V5.5                   (T)

 VAX 6000 Models 400/410/420/430                V5.2               (N,O,Q)
    (6000-400)       440/450/460

 VAX 6000 Models 400 (410/420/430/440)
 with Vector Processing Option                  V5.4                 (M,O)

 VAX 6000 Model 510/520 with or
 without Vector Processing Option               V5.4-0A              (N,O)

 VAX 6000 Model 600 Series                      V5.5                   (T)

 VAX 6210/6220/6230/6240                        V5.0                 (G,O)
 (6000 Model 200 Series)

 VAX 6310/6320/6330/6340/6350/6360              V5.1               (E,G,O)
 (6000 Model 300 Series)                          (latent support for 6300
    (6000-300)                                      with TK50 in V5.0-2A.)

 VAX 7000 Model 600 (7000-600)                  V5.5-2HW               (U)

 VAX 8200/8300/8700/8800                        V4.4
 (Cluster packages 8974/8978)

 VAX 8250/8350                                  V4.6

 VAX 8500/8550                                  V4.4

 VAX 8530                                       V4.6

 VAX 8600/8650                                  V4.0

 VAX 8810/8820/8830/8840/8842                   V5.0

 VAX 9000 Model 110/210/410                     V5.4-0A                (N)

 VAX 9000 Model 420/430/440                     V5.4-1                 (P)

 VAX 9000 Model 500 Series                      V5.4-0A                (N)

 VAX 10000 Model 600   (10000-600)              V5.5-2HW               (U)

 --------------------                      -------------------   ----------
 VAXft Model 110                                V5.5

 VAXft Model 310                                V5.4                   (M)

 VAXft Model 410/610/612                        V5.4-3                 (S)

 VAXSERVERS                                MINIMUM VMS VERSION       NOTES
 ----------                                -------------------   ----------
 VAXserver 3100                                 V5.2
 VAXserver 3100 Model 20                        V5.3                   (J)

 VAXserver 3300/3400                            V5.0-2A                (D)

 VAXserver 3500/3600/3602                       V4.7A                  (B)
                                                  (latent support in V4.6)

 VAXserver 3800/3900                            V5.1
 VAXserver 3800/3900 (dual-host support)        V5.1-1
                                                  (latent support in V5.0)

 VAXserver 4000 Model 200                       V5.4-2                 (R)
 VAXserver 4000 Model 300                       V5.3-2                 (L)

 VAXserver 6000 Models 210/220                  V5.0
 VAXserver 6000 Models 310/320                  V5.1
 VAXserver 6000 Models 410/420                  V5.2
 VAXserver 6000 Models 510/520                  V5.4

 VAXSTATIONS                               MINIMUM VMS VERSION       NOTES
 -----------                               -------------------   ----------
 VAXstation 2000                                V4.5B

 VAXstation 3100 Model 30/40                    V5.1-B                 (F)
 VAXstation 3100 Model 38/48                    V5.2-1                 (I)
                                                  (latent support in V5.2)

 VAXstation 3100 SPX/VRT19
         Model 30/40/38/48                      V5.3-1                 (K)

 VAXstation 3100 Model 76  (3100-76)            V5.4                   (M)

 VAXstation 3200/3500                           V4.7A                  (B)
                                                  (latent support in V4.6)

 VAXstation 3520/3540                           V5.1-1                 (F)
                                                 (latent support in V5.1B)

 VAXstation 4000 Model 60  (4000-60)            V5.5                 (T,V)
 VAXstation 4000 Model 90  (4000-90)            V5.5-2HW             (U,V)
 VAXstation 4000 VLC                            V5.5                   (T)

 VAXstation 6000 Series 4XX                     V5.2

 VAXstation 8000                                V4.7                   (C)

      In the notes below, MV refers to MicroVAX, VS refers to VAXstation.
      Also, VAX model numbers have been condensed from the "official"
      DEC representation that you would normally see.

      A:  VMS V4.5A introduced support for ethernet VAXclusters (LAVC).
          VMS V4.5B introduced hardware support for the MV2000 (not in LAVC).
          VMS V4.5C supports MV2000 in LAVCs.

      B:  LAVCs with MV3000s must have their boot nodes upgraded to
          V4.7A.  Also, replace references in the V4.7 release notes
          to "V4.6A" with "V4.7A".  V4.6A was canceled and is not supported.

      C:  VAX-11/782 support was dropped after V4.7.
          VAX-11/725 support was dropped after V5.1.
          MVI and VSI support was dropped after V5.5-1.
          VS8000 support was dropped after V5.4.

      D:  It is not possible to upgrade to VMS V5.0-2A.  It must be installed.
          Some customers received an upgrade kit for V5.0-2A; however this
          kit is no longer available and cannot be ordered.

      E:  63XX processors include the VMS distribution kit for V5.0-2A and
          the update for V5.1.  The 63XX will run standalone with V5.0-2A
          but if in a cluster, the boot node most be running at least V5.1.

          TK70 support for the 63XX requires that V5.1-B be installed.
          V5.1 cannot be installed because it is a maintenance update only.

      F:  VMS V5.1-B must be specially ordered.  It can either be an upgrade
          kit or an installation kit.  V5.1-B can be upgraded to from V5.0
          or greater.  Any boot node which boots a VS3100, VS3520, or VS3540
          must be running V5.1-B or later.

          If you want to run DECwindows with V5.1-1, install it first from
          the V5.0 distribution and then upgrade VMS to V5.1-1.  If this
          is done in the wrong order, the V5.1-1 update will have to be
          reapplied to obtain necessary changes to the DECwindows software.

          Desktop-VMS V1.0-1 is based on VMS V5.1-B.

      G:  VMS V5.3 renamed the 6000 series processors from the
          6NXX format to the 6000 Model NXX format.  VMS V5.2 uses the
          old processor name format.

      H:  VMS V5.2 supports TA90 tapes, RV20 optical drives, and the KFQSA
          adapter.  V5.3 supports the MV3100 models 10e and 20e (TLZ04 DAT
          tape drives require VMS V5.4).

      I:  VMS V5.2-1 is a limited hardware release, provided only to 
          those who required the support for new hardware.  V5.2-1 adds
          support for the RZ56 disk drive.

          Desktop-VMS V1.1 is based on VMS V5.2-1.

      J:  V5.3 adds support for the RZ24 and RZ57 SCSI disk drives on
          the MV3100, the VS3100 and the VAXserver 3100.  The MV3120
          is based on the RZ24.

      K:  V5.3-1 adds support for the VT1000 Xwindows terminal and the
          VS3100 SPX/VRT19 graphics system (models 30, 40, 38, 48).

      L:  V5.3-2 is a limited hardware release, and adds support for the
          VAX 4300 and the TA90E tape drive.  It does not support RZ devices
          on the VAX 4300.  It is not a general release.

      M:  V5.4 adds support for phase II of VMS Volume Shadowing.  It is
          initially limited in support for VAXft standalone configurations.

          V5.4 adds support for 6400 vector processing and the VS3100/76.
          The VAXft DSF32 synchronous DDCMP communications option is now
          supported under DECnet-VAX with V5.4.  V5.4 adds support for
          the TLZ04.

          V5.4 supports the Infoserver Client for VMS software (V1.0) for
          read-only access.

      N:  V5.4-0A is a limited hardware release that adds support for
          the VAX 9000 and the VAX 6500 series.  The VAX 6500 does not
          support the CIBCA-A.

          V5.4-0A supports vector processing on both the VAX 6500 and the
          VAX 9000 system, though only 1 vector option is allowed for 9000
          210 and 410 systems.

      O:  VMS V5.4-0K is a remastered installation kit which adds support
          for VMS installation on an RFxx system disk on a 6000 series VAX
          having a KFMSA adapter.  VMS V5.4-0K is only supported when used
          to install VMS on RF-series disks and when VMS is immediately
          upgraded to V5.4-2.

          Do not upgrade from V5.4-0K to V5.4-0A, V5.4-1 or V5.4-1A. 
          Upgrade only directly from V5.4-0K to V5.4-2.

      P:  V5.4-1 adds support for the VAX 9000 models 420, 430, and 440.

          V5.4-1 adds support for volume shadowing phase II for all
          VAX models and clusters, limited to 32 shadow sets per cluster.
          LATmaster 5.4-1 software is an optional replacement for V5.4
          traditional LAT.  (LATmaster 5.4-1 software should NOT be installed;
          rather, install version 5.4-2 of the software).

      Q:  Do not install VMS V5.4-1 on VAX 6000-400 systems.  Rather,
          install VMS V5.4-1A, which is available on request.

      R:  VMS V5.4-2 is a limited hardware release, adding support for
          the KFMSA adapter, RRD42 CD drive, the TLK10 tape drive, and
          the VAX 4200.

          V5.4-2 contains critical fixes to the optional LATmaster software
          provided with VMS V5.4-1.

      S:  A remastered V5.4-3 kit is available for VAXft 410 and 610 systems.

          Rolling updates to V5.4-3 are not supported in clusters with
          two or more CIXCD adapters whose systems boot from different
          system disks.  Clusters of this configuration should be
          updated to VMS V5.4-3 at the same time.

          V5.4-3 drops support for the DEQNA ethernet adapter for LAVC
          traffic.  DEQNA adapters should be replaced with DELQAs or
          DESQAs before updating to VMS V5.4-3.

          V5.4-3 adds support for the KFMSA-BA (also known as the KFMFA).

      T:  You must upgrade to at least V5.0 before upgrading to
          V5.5.  V5.5 supports only V5.4 or later in a mixed-version

          V5.5 drops support for the DEQNA ethernet adapter.

          Clusters with two or more CIXCD adapters whose systems boot from
          different system disks which plan to perform a rolling upgrade
          from V5.4-3 to V5.5 must apply a patch included in the V5.5

          V5.5 is the last VMS release to contain DECwindows software.
          LATmaster software is integrated into V5.5.

      U:  V5.5-2HW introduces the product name "OpenVMS VAX" for the
          VMS operating system.

          V5.5-2HW adds support for the VAX 4400, VAX 4100, VS4090, MV3190,
          VAX 7600, and the VAX 10600.

          V5.5-2HW contains both a update kit and a remastered installation
          kit.  Use the update kit if possible, though the remastered
          installation kit should be used if installing VMS on one of the
          newly supported computers in a standalone configuration.

          V5.5-2HW requires that systems be upgraded to V5.5 or A5.5 or
          later before performing the update to V5.5-HW.

          V5.5-2HW is not available except as a limited hardware release
          and should be updated to V5.5-2 as soon as possible.

          Volume shadowing is not supported for SCSI disks in V5.5-2HW
          but will be supported in V5.5-2.

      V:  V5.5-2 supersedes V5.5-2HW.  V5.5-2 requires that systems be
          upgraded to V5.5 or A5.5 before updating to V5.5-2.

          V5.5-2 is available as an update kit and as a remastered installation
          kit, depending upon the hardware support required (see note U).

          V5.5-2 adds support for the TURBOchannel adapter for the VS4060 and
          VS4090.   Infoserver ISL is supported for a DEMFA.

"VMS Release Dates And Minimum Version For Each CPU - Table & Flowchart",
21-Oct-1992, DSNlink article, DEC.

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VMS Manager / CS geek                       mgrthh@rhit
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